Filter Cake

Filter cake is a by-product of sugar beet refining, a lime fertiliser. Dry filter cake contains 60-75% of CaCO3, 10-15% of organic materials, 0.2-0.7% N, 0.2-0.9% P2O5, 0.3-1% K2O and microelements. Farmers benefit from using for chemical soil improvement the filter cake, which contains up to 70% of СаСО3, 0.3-0.5% N, 1-2% P2O5, 0.6-0.9% K2O and under 15% of organic materials. Using filter cake serves to increase the agricultural crop production (sugar beet by 2-4 mt per ha, winter wheat by 0.5-0.6 mt per ha and perennial crops by 1 mt per ha), as well as increases the beet sugar contents by 0.2-0.4%.