The Slutsk Sugar Refinery, JSC is situated 100 km south of Minsk at the Minsk-Soligorsk highway and the Osipovichi-Baranovichi railroad. Access to the railway is provided via a 4 km spur track leading to the Slutsk Station.

The refinery is located in the southern industrial part of the town of Slutsk.

Slutsk, a town on the Sluch river, is a railway junction of the Baranovichi-Osipovichi and Soligorsk-Slutsk lines, as well as a strategic crossing of the following highways: Moscow-Bobruysk-Slutsk-Ivatsevichi, Minsk-Slutsk-Mikashevichi and Osipovichi-Slutsk-Nesvizh-Baranovichi.

Population of Slutsk makes up 63 thousand people.

The town has great centuries-old history.

«… The area is among the richest in Belarus and is abundantly watered by the Sluch, Lan, Maza and Oressa rivers. Wheat and flax are cultivated here in a great abundance...»

The Picturesque Russia, issued in. 1882

1116 – Slutsk is mentioned for the first time in historical chronicles as a settlement of the Dregovichi tribe named Sluchesk.

1160 – Slutsk serves as a centre of the apanage Slutsk Principality.

1395 through 1612 – the town belonged to the Gediminovich dynasty and to the Olelkoviches, who inherited Slutsk from it.

1441 – Slutsk was granted the Magdeburg rights.

1502 through 1521 – a heroic defence of Slutsk from attacks by Crimean Tartars.

1506 – the Slutsk Princess Anastasia broke the town siege lead by two high-ranking Crimean nobles.

1585 – 1612 – life span of the Slutsk Princess Sophia Olelkovich, an Orthodox Christian saint.

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A monument to the Princess Sophia Olelkovich

1612 - transfer of Slutsk to the power of the Radziwill princes.
1671 – foundation of the St. Bernard’s monastery.
1744 – 1832 – manufactory production of the famous Slutsk belts.
1751 – 1760 – work of the professional Radziwill theatre and ballet school
1793 – incorporation of Slutsk into the Russian empire as a district centre of the Minsk province

July 1941 – a partisan group lead by M.I.Zhukovsky attacked and destroyed Nazi headquarters in Slutsk.

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