The Slutsk Sugar Refinery is the youngest sugar industry plant in the Republic of Belarus.

June 22, 1960 the Council of Ministers of BSSR was decided to build a sugar refinery in Slutsk with capacity of 3 thousand tons of sugar beets per day.
December 23, 1965 produced the first sugar.
December 25, 1965 was signed the act of acceptance of the first stage of Slutsk Sugar Factory.
In 1967, the Slutsk Sugar Factory started the production of sugar from imported raw sugar.
In 1970 was put into operation the second stage of the plant - refinery department.
By the order of Minister of Food Industry BSSR dated April 6th 1976 Slutsk Sugar Factory was reorganized into Slutsk Sugar Refinery.
In 1992 the company was reorganized into a rental company of republican subordination.
In the process of privatization of state property "Slutsk Sugar Refinery" was transformed into an open joint stock company by the order of MRSP № 62 dated December 30, 1996, issued by the Minsk Regional Executive Committee.
In 2007, was built and put into operation dry pulp department with the capacity of 150 tons of dry granulated pulp per day.
In the course of gradual modernization and reconstruction of the plant, the plant achieved productivity gains on daily processing of sugar beet: in 2012 – 8400 tons, in 2013 – 8 800 tons, in 2014 – more than 9 000 tons.
Since 2007 JSC "Slutsk Sugar Refinery" for 7 years in a row is the winner of the prestigious National competition of consumer preferences for a wide range of quality products and "Products of the Year" in the category "Sugar".
2012 - 2013 years Slutsk Sugar Refinery is the winner of the title "The best sugar refinery of the Customs Union" among the 83 plants in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.
The main activity of the plant is the production and sale of sugar. The plant's products are highly demanded weather at the Belarusian market or at the CIS market, which had been conquered and is supported by the successful combination of "price-quality".

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