Development strategy

                The Slutsk Sugar Refinery, JSC enjoys the most stable positions on the market of Belarus among its competitors both in terms of the product pricing and in terms of the overall economic production efficiency.

                With regard to the stable financial situation, a stable demand for sugar on the consumer market and priority possibilities to ensure a recoupment of state support invested in the production development, the company management will adhere to the concept of further production development and improvement in its marketing activities.           

This strategy should result in increase of white sugar production volumes and a rising share of sugar extraction from the beet in the total production volumes on the up-to-date technical and technological basis.

                Within the framework of the chosen concept, the Slutsk Sugar Refinery, JSC will implement a mass marketing strategy (strategy of leadership by expenses), providing for achievement of competition advantages by lowering production expenses and increasing production efficiency.

                Following this strategy, the company intends to maintain and then increase its domestic market share, as well as to expand its presence on the foreign markets.

                In strategic terms, the Slutsk Sugar Refinery, JSC works for maintaining at least a 30 % share of the national sugar output as a result of the market growth and the increase of its share.

                A major objective is to develop the raw material supply area and to increase sugar extraction from the beet. Achievement of this goal will contribute to increase the efficiency of economical activity both of our company and beet suppliers (collective and state farms), and will help to rely on the local raw material, thus saving hard currency resources and minimizing dependence on the raw sugar import and strict tariff conditions regulating sugar supply to the foreign markets.

                The goal of the chosen strategy is to meet demands of the target market better than the competitors can do and to gain competition advantages by swiftly reacting to consumer requirements.

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Development strategy

Development strategy

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